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One Step Further and Faster with 8Seconds

Difference between A/B split testing and real time MVT (multivariate) of 8Seconds Conventional A/B split testing Most of our clients are familiar with A/B split testingĀ : you send out two or more different emails to a random sample of your … Continue reading

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And the award of best converting button of the year 2009 goes to …

The best converting button for the year 2009 has an ugly color, is not too pushy and shows the recipient clearly where to click and what to expect. Have a look at the winning button, but watch out, this is the best button for the year 2009. This doesn’t mean that next year your customers will still like this button. A few years ago, green seemed to be the best color for buttons, so our advice is: keep on testing!

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What is the effect of the crisis on the customer behavior?

The economical crisis affects the buying behavior of consumers. Marketing strategies need to take this in consideration by adapting the promotional offers and messages to the preferences of the customers. The question How does your customer want to be approached? became more relevant than ever.
Is the answer to the new economic climate to bombard consumers with reductions and free gadgets? Several companies tested different approaches.  

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Email Marketing Forum 2009

On the 18th of November, 8Seconds was invited to speak on the Email Marketing Forum, an all day event offering a hands-on guide on setting up the perfect Email Marketing campaign. Have a look at the presentation and watch the comments of Pieter Wuyts, Account Strategy Director, and Frederik Van Duüren, VP – CTO of 8Seconds.

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Bol.com tested how to sell the latest Dan Brown and shares the results

To promote the latest book of Dan Brown, Bol.com, the largest media store of The Netherlands, sent out an email campaign. The challenge was to maximize the sales of the book by adapting the content of the email to the recipient’s preferences. Bol.com created different header images with different calls to action and wondered which header would maximize the response rate of the campaign. Highlighting FREE SHIPPING appeared to be more powerful than giving a the recipient the feeling of exclusivity (READ ON THE DAY OF PUBLICATION or THE FIRST TO HAVE THE BOOK AT HOME). Testing this offer increased the CTR by 59%.

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Personalization in email marketing

Personalization of email messages leads to higher performance of the key metrics (open rate, CTR, ROI). Several elements of the email can be personalized (name, content, salutation), but depending on the target group all seperate elements should be tested to make sure this is the best way to approach a specific list.

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8Seconds announces partnership with Silverpop

8Seconds and Silverpop®, the world’s only provider of both email marketing and marketing automation solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of B2C and B2B marketers, partner to offer real time email optimization to the users of the Silverpop Engage® platform. The integration of the 8Seconds technology into the email platform of Silverpop allows customers to increase the conversion of their email campaigns thanks to real time multivariate testing and optimization.

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Citobi and 8Seconds announce partnership

Citobi, a Belgian CRM solution provider, partner with 8Seconds, a leading email optimization company, for the integration of real time multivariate testing in the email broadcasting platform of Citobi. This partnership allows marketers, using the Citobi platform, to leverage multivariate testing capabilities in their promotional and transactional messaging, monitoring performance in real time and automatically optimizing content. Continue reading

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Testing offer increased ROI of email campaign theme park by 48%

Multivariate testing is a proven method to increase ROI. A theme park increased conversion by 48%, testing the header image (promotional offer and picture).

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8Seconds launched API

8Seconds launched API for image and subject line optimization. This API enables to integrate 8Seconds Optimizer into an email broadcast application, allowing an ESP to offer image optimization and subject line optimization as an additional service to its clients.
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