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The best call to action to raise money for Haiti

The Dutch ESP MeasureMail and their partner Admitter took the initiative to organize an email campaign to raise funds to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the campaign MeasureMail used real time optimization to find out which content would generate the highest conversion… and they doubled the conversion !!!

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no parking

“How do I motivate our recipients to do something?” That’s is the question that plays in the head of every email marketer.
But not only marketers run around with this question.
An example from New York to New Delhi.

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And the award of best converting button of the year 2009 goes to …

The best converting button for the year 2009 has an ugly color, is not too pushy and shows the recipient clearly where to click and what to expect. Have a look at the winning button, but watch out, this is the best button for the year 2009. This doesn’t mean that next year your customers will still like this button. A few years ago, green seemed to be the best color for buttons, so our advice is: keep on testing!

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Increase your call to action response

When creating an email campaign we need to anticipate on what our customers want to see. This isn’t always easy. After all, we can only guess what’s on a customer’s mind. Statistical analysis of the recipients click-behavior and advanced optimization … Continue reading

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